• Single Assignment C (SAC)

    SaC is an array programming language that combines high-productivity (similar to Matlab or Python) with high-performance (typical of hand-tuned Fortran or CUDA). We are exploring:

    • parallelisation through the flick of a compiler switch
    • optimised code generation for a variety of parallel platforms including GPGPUs
    • dynamic recompilation / adaptation of programs for optimal resource utilisation on heterogeneous systems
    • novel approaches to high-productivity in graph algorithms
    • enhanced generic programming for vastly increased software reuse
    • novel data types for improved vector processing
    • new ways of subtyping-based generic programming for improved correctness and performance

    People: Sven-Bodo Scholz, Artem Shinkarov, Stuart Gordon, Max Baird, Hans Viesssmann

    Projects: Aether (EU FP6), Apple-CORE (EU FP7), ADVANCE (EU FP7), TyTra (EPSRC), BorderPatrol (EPSRC)

    URL: SAC home page