Professor David Wolfe Corne

Telephone: +44 (0)131 451 3410


Twitter: @dwcorne



I develop new ideas for solving difficult problems in optimisation and machine learning, and try my best to do useful things with those ideas. These days I like to think of myself as a 'Global Goals Engineer', working towards a subset of the UN's Sustainable Development Goals , focussing on energy, water, climate and health.

At Heriot-Watt, I lead the Intelligent Systems Lab, and I am Director of Enterprise, Impact and Innovation for the Dept of Computer Science. In the past, I also co-led the Data Science theme for SICSA (the pool of all Computer Science Departments at Universities in Scotland).

I work extensively with industry, paricularly Trakm8 Plc and Route Monkey, on a variety of projects centred on logistics optimization, but also machine learning for transport and energy applications. Also, in collaboration with Eddie Owens and his team elsewhere at Heriot-Watt, I work on a wide variety of projects that combine data science and artificial intelligence to the optimization of energy and resource systems. (e.g. RUGGEDISED, SMILE (with Route Monkey), FreightShare Lab , SCORRES , Smart Fintry , ORIGIN ).

Over here you can find some very very out of date CV-style details. Just email me if you want to know more about what I've done, what I'm doing, and what I'm planning to do.For publications, please see my google scholar citations profile. For undergraduates and MScs, my teaching material is here.

Graduated Research Students

If you were a PhD student of mine, but are not on this list, please tell me what you are up to now. If you are on this list, please provide an update!

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