Professor David Wolfe Corne

Telephone: +44 (0)131 451 3410


Twitter: @dwcorne



I develop new ideas for solving difficult problems in optimisation and machine learning, and try my best to do useful things with those ideas. This typically means I try to use a combination of commonsense and inventiveness to solve problems that need to be solved, or to create new opportunities. My primary application areas are environment, climate, energy and health. Meanwhile, at the Dept of Computer Science I lead the Intelligent Systems Lab, and I am the 'Director of Enterprise, Impact and Innovation'. I also co-lead the Data Science theme for SICSA (the pool of all Computer Science Departments at Universities in Scotland).

Over here you can find some CV-style details - these are very out of date and a bit of a mess. Just email me if you need more for some reason. For publications, please see my google scholar citations profile. For undergraduates and MScs, my teaching material is here.

Current externally funded projects include (yes, 'include' - this isn't quite all ...) the ORIGIN project, a sports injury prediction project funded by Informatics Ventures  (see HPSI, the company that will commercialize the resulting product; we already have terrific sport animation software), undersea mine detection (with SeeByte ), and Coralbots, currently funded by public donations. Do get in touch, by email or via a tweet (@dwcorne), especially to discuss working with me on (or supporting!) Coralbots, or to chat about any ideas where computational intelligence could make a difference. On the remainder of this page, the plan was to focus on my latest research, but I tend to be too busy doing it to keep this up to date. But what I do make sure to keep up to date is my list of graduated PhD students (and the occasional Masters).

Graduated Research Students

If you were a PhD student of mine, but are not on this list, please tell me what you are up to now. If you are on this list, please provide an update!

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