Publications I should have cited

Sometimes it is because I (or my co-author(s)) are in a hurry to meet a deadline, other times it is because I am unaware of the prior work, through inadequate background research, other times it is just due to lack of space. Either way, a proportion of my publications may be missing some important citation material. Let me know if you know of any work that should be included on this page. I believe I am better than average in this regard, and that this is a common sin, but in my case I aim to at least make up for it after the fact -- the previously uncited then may get more exposure than the cited!

Anyway, so far there is one that I am keen to redress:


Haines, R. and Corne, D.W. (2006) Evolving novel and effective treatment plans in the context of infection dynamics models: illustrated with HIV and HAART therapy, in  Parallel Problem Solving from Nature - PPSN IX, Springer LNCS.  (preprint)

... should have cited the following, as examples of an important theme of the paper: using good optimisation techniques to optimise treatment plans (once one has a decent model of how a disease responds to treatment):