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Smiling Nicola at Torino airport and nervous in the "small" airplane.

Yoko and Smiling Nicola and hungry Yoko having an early dinner

Yoko's accomodation in the Campus (There are others that are much ruxurious!) and Junc-food corner (so much!)

Ivano and Laura in the double-decker bus and in the center of Edinburgh.

Laura and Ivano hurry to a dinner and Sleepy Ivano on the way back.

Wild rabbits! We can see in everywhere in the Campus, and morning just in front of Yoko's room.

After the extra-lecture by Prof. de Bruijn And with an extra-audience.

And with another extra-audience followed by a Small tour of Edinburgh in the last evening

Elena and Yoko in front of Old town and Edinburgh Castle.

Paolo and Elena on a tea break and through an window.

Scotch Whisky Heritage Centre and Scott Monument.

The double-decker bus in Edinburgh and a lesson.

The first banquet.

The second banquet at an indian restaulant.