I live in Edinburgh with my husband (Hamish), children (Eilidh and Finn) and dog (Cromarty).

Stuff I like:

  • Running, cycling and swimming. I'm signed up for the Edinburgh Half-Marathon in May, and the Coll half marathon in August, and am planning to do a few sprint triathlons and possible a full triathlon this year.
  • Books. As many books as possible. Especially 19th century novels (preferably by dour consumptive women or Trollope) and history . Or poetry. Or anything really.
  • Travelling. Especially for a long time with not very much money. Especially overland trips such as this trip and this trip (earlier trips not yet digitised). Especially to places where I don't speak the language (which, come to think of it, is pretty much everywhere). This is absolutely my favourite website.  In 2012 I took Eilidh to Laos, and in 2014 I’m taking Finn to Morocco.
  • Having people round for dinner, going to the pub and generally social occasions.