I've been a lecturer in Computer Science at Heriot-Watt since 2013. I co-run the Heriot-Watt Semantic Web Lab (SWeL) and am a member of the Dependable Systems Group. I got my PhD in the DReaM Group, supervised by Alan Bundy, and then was a Research Associate in Informatics at the University of Edinburgh for several years.

My research is around how to deal with extracting meaning from multiple heterogeneous data sources. We talk about the Big Data a lot, and the majority of the research around this is focussed on how to deal with huge data sources, but I'm interested in another angle on this - how do we deal with the fact that we have vast numbers of different data sources which all use their own terminology and structure - and often different formats too. Data becomes siloed because it is not mutually comprehensible and thus it is difficult for organisations to share and integrate their data. I am interested in developing matching systems which can automatically or semi-automatically rewrite data from one source so that is is approximately matched to data from another source. This is done opportunistically during runtime, without the need for prior alignment. This is useful in lots of contexts, but I am particularly interested in how it can be used during crisis management, where gathering data from multiple sources to determine the state of the disaster is crucial.


Representation Change, Evolution and Matching

Emergency and Crisis Response

Open Data

Learning Through Interaction

Trust and Reputation in MultiAgent and P2P Network Systems

Reasoning under Uncertainty

Semantic Web


CHAIN system for dynamic interpretation of mismatched data queries during emergency responses

Dynamic Ontology Repair - ORS



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