Here is my full CV.


  • Representation change, evolution and matching:
    • dynamic interpretation of large data
    • ontology evolution
    • interactions between agents or services with mismatched representations
  • Emergency and crisis response, particularly problems associated with communication during these periods
  • Open data
  • Learning through interaction
  • Trust and reputation in multiagent systems and P2P networks
  • Reasoning under uncertainty
  • The Semantic Web
  • Planning and simulation, particularly in an emergency respnose scenario
  • The philosophical and psychological foundations of AI
  • Lots of other things …


  • I am involved in the ESSENCE Marie Curie Initial Training Network and will be supervising two fellows, as well acting as Equal Opportunities Office.
  • I am currently working on the CHAIN system for dynamic interpretation of mismatched data queries during emergency responses.
  • I previously developed ORS, and still work on it sometimes.


  • I’m currently teaching Technology in Society - classes Tuesday 1015-1315 and Wednesday 1215-1315 in G:44 EMB.



  • RA
    • Andriana Gkaniatsou, working on the project Machine Assisted Inter-Agency Communication During Emergency Responses (2011-2013)
  • PhD
    • Andriana Gkaniatsou (1st year)
  • MPhil
    • Andrew Priddle-Higson, Ontology Evolution in Legal Reasoning (2009)
  • MSc by Research
    • Roko Mijic, Representing Knowledge about the real world: probabilistic, logical and catagorical techniques (2009)
  • MSc
    • Ruixiao Yu, Automated Ontology Evolution, 2012
    • Andriana Gkaniatsou, Developing a Negotiation Protocol for ORS, 2011
    • Punyanuch Borwarnginn, Ontology Versioning, 2011
    • Theodosia Togia, Automated Ontology Evolution: Semantic Matching, 2010
    • Ken Hu, Experience Sharing with the Ontology Repair System, 2010
    • Morike Akinsola, Automated Ontology Evolution, 2008
    • Thomas Herchenroeder, Lightweight Semantic-Web-Oriented Reasoning in Prolog, 2006
    • Remous-Aris Koutsiamanis, Adaptive agents for the ART testbed, 2006
  • UG
    • Katrin Bruce, 2014
    • Agnieszka Bomerbach, Negotiating Mismatches, 2011
    • Jonathan Abourbih, Guesstimation, 2009
    • Paul Fleming, 2006