Maxwell Institute for Mathematical Sciences

50th Anniversary Meeting
of the North British Functional Analysis Seminar

12 - 14 April 2018, Edinburgh

ICMS, 15 S College St, and University of Edinburgh

Speakers include: Shiri Artstein (Tel Aviv)
Nate Brown (Penn State)
Kate Juschenko (Northwestern)
Nicolas Monod (EPFL Lausanne)
Assaf Naor (Princeton)
Jonathan M. Rosenberg (Maryland)
NBFAS was founded in February 1968 by the late Frank Bonsall and John Ringrose with a meeting at the University of Edinburgh. The founding universities were Edinburgh and Newcastle. Since then, almost 200 meetings took place at the growing number of member institutions (at present 14 universities in England, Scotland and Northern Ireland) with the purpose to bring to the UK leading figures in functional analysis that are based outside the UK.
In 2018, NBFAS will turn 50 years old. An afternoon of the current meeting will be dedicated to a review of the historical development of NBFAS including contributions by seasoned members. Professor Ringrose has agreed to participate in this session.

Preliminary Schedule:
Thursday13:00 - 17.30Early career talks and one invited talk
Friday09:30 - 13.00Invited talks
14:00 - 17.00Invited and historical talks: 50 years NBFAS
18:30 conference dinner
Saturday9:30 - 13.00Invited talks

Information about travel to Edinburgh and local accomodation can be found here.

Organizers: Tony Carbery, T. Alastair Gillespie, Heiko Gimperlein.