Maxwell Institute for Mathematical Sciences

Meeting of the North British Functional Analysis Seminar

13 - 14 March 2015, Edinburgh

ICMS, 15 S College St, and Appleton Tower, 11 Crichton St

Speakers: Aline Bonami (Universite d'Orleans)
Uffe Haagerup (Syddansk Universitet, Odense)


Friday15.00 - 16.00Uffe HaagerupApproximation properties for groups
(at ICMS)and von Neumann algebras
16.00 - 16.30coffee break
16.30 - 17.30Uffe HaagerupThe Thompson groups F, T, V and their
C*- and von Neumann algebras

Saturday9.30 - 10.30Aline BonamiFactorization of holomorphic functions and
(at Appleton T.)Lp estimates for Hankel operators (I)
10.30 - 11.00coffee break
11.00 - 12.00Aline BonamiFactorization of holomorphic functions and
Lp estimates for Hankel operators (II)

Information about travel to Edinburgh and local accomodation can be found here.

A poster is available here.