Current Research Projects

UKRI Trustworthy Autonomous Systems Node in Trust: investigating how to build, maintain and manage trust in robotic and autonomous systems (November 2020-March 2024).

EPSRC Prosperity Partnership: working on human-machine teaming with SeeByte Ltd (September 2021-August 2024).

Previous Research Projects

ORCA (Work Package 3 lead): Offshore Robotics for Certification of Assets (ORCA) Hub. working on 'Intelligent Human-Robot Interaction with Explainable AI' (October 2017-March 2021).

RobotCafe (Principal Investigator): Funded by an EPSRC IAA grant, this project is building a social robotics platform based around a cafe environment where the robot can take your coffee order and interact with the customer. (March 2020-March 2021)

VERSO (Principal Investigator): Funded by SeeByte, MASTS and Datalab: a PhD placement looking at data-driven techniques for interaction with autonomous vehicles (October 2017-March 2021). INCA (Principal Investigator): Intelligent iNteraCtion for Autonomy (INCA) is funded by the Leverhulme Trust Fellowship scheme (August 2017-July 2018).

MIRIAM (Principal Investigator): Multimodal Intelligent inteRactIon for Autonomous systeMs (MIRIAM) funded by Dstl under the Defence and Security Accelerator under the theme revolutionise the human information relationship for Defence with industry partners SeeByte and Tekever (June-November 2017).

REGIME Phase 2 (Principal Investigator): REGIME (REport GeneratIon from Meta-data) funded by Dstl under the ASUR programme (Phase 2) with SeeByte and Thales (Nov 2015-Oct 2016).

Emote (Work Package lead): EU FP7 EMOTE project to design, develop and evaluate a new generation of artificial embodied tutors that have perceptive capabilities to engage in empathic interactions with learners in a shared physical space. (2012-2015)

PARLANCE (Coordinator): FP7 funded project PARLANCE on search through adaptive, personalised incremental interaction (2011-2014) with team: Nina Dethlefs, Heriberto Cuayahuitl, Arash Eshghi, Simon Keizer, Xingkun Liu, Yanchao Yu, Sandra Birch and advisors Oliver Lemon and Verena Rieser.

REGIME Phase 1 (Principal Investigator): REGIME Phase 1 (REport GeneratIon from Meta-data), DSTL funded project as part of the ASUR programme on report generation (2014) with Dr. Zhuoran Wang.

CLASSiC (Research Fellow): The EU FP7 project CLASSiC on statistical end-to-end spoken dialogue systems. (2008-2011)

mySneeze (Principal Investigator): The mySneeze project, a multidisciplinary project with three other Scottish Universities, leading design, development and evaluation of the mySneeze mobile application for hay fever monitoring (2011-2014).

DUDE (Research Fellow): Scottish Enterprise Proof of Concept project (2007-2008).