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Profile: Rosemary Wright, M.A. (London), B.Litt (Oxon: Lady Margaret Hall)
Emeritus Professor of Classics, University of Wales
Head of Department of Classics, University of Wales Lampeter, 1995-2000
Previous posts at the University of Queensland Australia, University of Wales, Aberystwyth
Fellow of the Center for Hellenic Studies, Washington
Elected as British representative to the Council of FIEC (Federation Internationale des Associations d'Etudes Classiques) by the Classical Association and the Hellenic Society
Life member of the Classical Association and the Hellenic Society
Creator of Mathos: the original on-line self-taught ancient Greek course.
Main interest is in Ancient Philosophy
Founder and for 18 years Director of the Lampeter Summer School in Greek and Latin.
Married to Moorhead Wright B.A. (Princeton) ,Ph.D. (Johns Hopkins), with four children Tom, Cathy, Edward and Helen with eight grandchildren



Selected Publications of M.R.Wright

1. A Dictionary of Classical Mythology. The University of Patras, Center for the Study of Myth and Religion. http://mythreligion.philology.upatras.gr/pages/en/dictionary.html [Last accessed: September 2012]

::::::Desktop:WrightBookCover.jpg 2. Introducing Greek Philosophy Acumen Publishing, 2009, pp xii + 244.


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4. The Presocratics: The Main Fragments in Greek with Introduction, Commentary and Appendix containing text and translation of Aristotle on the Presocratics, Bristol Classical Press, 1985, pp 212; reprinted 1986.

5. Cicero: On Stoic Good and Evil; De Finibus Bonorum et Malorum III and Paradoxa Stoicorum, edited with Introduction, Translation and Commentary, Aris and Phillips, 1991, pp 220; reprinted 1994; hardback and paperback.

6. Cosmology in Antiquity, in the series Sciences in Antiquity sponsored by the Cambridge Wellcome Unit in the History and Philosophy of Science, Routledge, 1995, pp 206; hardback and paperback.


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