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Ancient Greek for Beginners

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The Alphabet
Consonants Vowels Diphthongs Breathings Punctuation
Accents Names Examples Reading Exercises
The Verb
Present & Future lu&w Being Examples
Questions & Negatives Conjunctions Reading Exercises
The Definite Article
Declension Uses me/n ... de/  Reading
The Noun
Synopsis 2nd Declension 1st Declension Related Nouns
With Possessive Genitive Reading Exercises
Contracted Verbs
Synopsis Contracted Verbs Verbs in -e-
-e- Exercises Verbs in -a- Verbs in -o-
The Adjective and Adverb

Adjective: Synopsis

kalo&j Dual Termination
polu&j & me/gaj Vocabulary Feminine in -a
[Adjectival Pronouns] Examples Reading
Exercises ****** ******

Adverb: Synopsis

Vocabulary a)gaqo&j
Negatives Examples Exercises
Synopsis Personal Pronouns Reflexives
Demonstratives Pronoun Patterns ou{toj
au)to&j Interrogatives Exercises
Relatives ****** ******
Synopsis Table Compound Verbs
Preposition & Pronoun Exercises Further Examples
The Verb: Middle Voice
Synopsis Endings Future
Deponents fobe/omai xra&omai
Advantage Intransitives Exercises
10 The Verb: Past Tenses - Imperfect
Synopsis Augment Imperfect
Endings Active & Middle ei0mi/ 
Examples Exercises ******
11 The Verb: Past Tenses - Aorist
Synopsis Weak & Strong 4 Forms
Vocabulary [Strong] Irregulars [Strong] Examples
Exercises ****** ******
12 Imperatives and Infinitives
Synopsis Patterns Examples
Exercises ****** ******
13 Participles
Synopsis Participle Forms Examples
Genitive Absolutes Verb forms ******
14 Consonant Verbs and Nouns
Synopsis 3rd Declension Endings Guttural stems
Guttural Nouns Labial Stems Dental stems
Verbs in -izw Dental Nouns to_ sw~ma
Nasal Stems Nouns: -n- & -r- Exercises
15 Awkward 3rd Declension Nouns and Adjectives
Awkward Nouns:
Synopsis path&r & mh&thr Familial Vocative
po&lij me/roj a!stu
basile/uj & bou~j pu~r &  u#dwr ******
3rd Declension Adjectives
Synopsis sw&frwn safh&j
h(du&j PAS Using pa~j
Exercises ****** ******
16 Comparison of Adjectives and Adverbs
Comparison of Adjectives:
Synopsis Comparatives & Superlatives 3rd Declension
More adjectives Declensions ******
Comparison of Adverbs:
Synopsis Conversions a)gaqo&j
Correspondence Notes 'More than ..'
w(j + Superlative Irregular Examples Exercises
Reading ****** ******
17 Numerals
Synopsis Interrogatives Table of Forms
Declensions: 1 2 3
4 Time ******
18 The Passive Voice
Synopsis Consonantal Stems Examples
With Passive Verbs Participles Weak Aorist
Strong Aorist Infinitives ******
19 Summaries of Main Verb Forms
Paradigm of:  lu&w,  lu&sw,  e1lusa
Indicative Imperative Participles Infinitives
Common Weak Aorists Common Strong Aorists Notable Strong Aorists
20 Some Further Reading
21 Unit Tests: Answer Page
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10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
22 Basic Word List
A  a B  b G  g D  d E  e Z  z H  h Q  q I  i K  k L  l M  m
N  n C  c O  o P  p R  r S  s T  t U  u F  f X  x Y  y W  w
23 Glossary of Terms

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