Title: OpenSource frameworks for Cloud computing

Proposer: Hans-Wolfgang Loidl

Suggested supervisors: Hans-Wolfgang Loidl

Goal: Compare OpenSource frameworks for Cloud computing in terms of functionality, usability, and performance


A current trend in building large-scale computer science and IT frameworks is to use centralised Cloud services and to out-source functionality that was previously provided locally. Several open source frameworks for realising such Cloud services have emerged.

The goal of this project is to use existing, OpenSource Cloud software, and to assess its use in a core computer science context. Such use focusses on heterogeneous, distributed, compute-intensive applications, that need to access specific capabilities on different nodes of a system. Therefore, being flexible and scalable are important requirements. Good support for web services is a promising design for such systems. Interoperability between systems becomes important when developing large frameworks.

The milestones in this project will be

Resources required: Linux

Degree of difficulty: Easy

Background needed: Basic systems knowledge


  1. Open Nebula
  2. Eucalytpus
  3. Ubuntu One
  4. OwnCloud
  5. Anatomy of an open source cloud, Tim Jones