Past, Present and Future PhDs

PhD Topic Areas

With multi-cores being ubiquitous, parallel programming has become main-stream technology. However, with most of today's languages and systems, the process of developing a correct, efficient parallel program is laborious and error prone. We are undertaking research in the design, implementation and usage of high-level languages that facilitate this process. In particular we undertake novel research on Glasgow parallel Haskell, skeleton-based languages and PGAS languages such as Chapel. These languages are typically supported by specialised compiler and runtime-system technology, to (semi-)automatically manage the parallelism. We are seeking PhD students with an interest in compiler and runtime-system technologies for parallel programming, parallel symbolic computation based on any of these languages, or foundations of language and system design, with applications in parallel computation.

Current PhD Students

I am currently supervising these PhD students at Heriot-Watt:

Former PhD Students

Former PhD students (co-)supervised:

  • Malak Aljabri on Scalable parallel Haskell Implementations (University of Glasgow)
    PhD thesis
  • Pantazis Deligiannis, now at Imperial College
  • Mustafa Kh. Aswad on Architecture Aware Parallel Programming in Glasgow Parallel Haskell (pdf)
  • Abyd Al Zain on Implementing High-level Parallelism on Computational Grids (pdf)
  • Andre Rauber du Bois (pdf)

Other information

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