Computer Algebra Related Info

This page contains a collection of links to pages that contain information to computer algebra systems, algorithms, applications etc.

o RISC Linz
o Waterloo Maple
o Symbolic Computation Group, at the University of Waterloo
o Maple Guides etc
o Mathematica, by Wolfram Research
o MAGMA Home Page (cached announcement of V2.2)
o Macaulay2
o Maxima (now under GPL)
o Yacas, yet another computer algebra system
o SymbolicNet , Symbolic Mathematical Computation Information Center
o Docon a computer algebra system written in Haskell
o Singular Computer Algebra System
o CoCoa
o Link List to Mathemtics Software

Not Computer Algebra but related (sort-of):

o Numerical Recipes in C, on-line book
o PARI A package for number theory and simple numerical analysis
o Parallel LU Factorization of Block-Diagonal-Bordered Sparse Matrices, on-line paper


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