Ph.D. Student Positions

ULTRA group (Useful Logics, Types, Rewriting, and their Automation)
Computer Science Department
School of Mathematical and Computer Sciences
Heriot-Watt University
Edinburgh, Scotland, UK

Description of the Positions

Ph.D. student positions are available in areas involving research into the theories of logics, types, and rewriting and their applications in reasoning about computer systems and mathematics. The positions are in the ULTRA (Useful Logics, Types, Rewriting, and their Automation) group in the Computer Science Department in the School of Mathematical and Computer Sciences at Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland. The Ph.D. supervisors will be either Fairouz Kamareddine and/or Joe Wells.

Available research topics include work on any of the following:

It will be helpful to have interests (or possibly even competence) in 1 or more of the following background knowledge areas:

The expected duration of Ph.D. studentships in the UK is 3 years. The positions will be expected to start around 2007-10-01; alternative start dates can be discussed. Currently, funding is only available for EU citizens. Non-EU-citizens are welcome to apply; they will either need their own funding or alternative funding will need to be found.

The Ph.D. students will probably collaborate on 1 or more of the following activities. The specific activities will be matched to their strengths.

Contact Information

Inquiries can be directed to Fairouz Kamareddine at:

Fax: +44 131 451 8179

Inquiries can be directed to Joe Wells at:

Fax: +44 131 451 8179

Applying for the Positions

Please contact Fairouz Kamareddine and Joe Wells for full details on how to apply. We will want to see your curriculum vitae, as well as 2 (or even 3 if possible) recommendation letters (preferably written by people familiar with your academic and research abilities, but a letter from an industry source is better than no letter at all). We will expect recommendation letters to be sent directly by their authors and will need contact details for the letter authors. You should probably already have a master's degree or equivalent experience. It can be helpful to write a brief statement about why your research interests are a good match for the ULTRA group. If you already have research publications (this is not required), it can be helpful to send 1 (or even 2) of them. There will also be official Heriot-Watt application forms to fill out.

For documents sent by e-mail, please use a public and standard format. The best formats are plain text and PDF. LaTeX is okay if using only standard packages. HTML is okay (if not generated by Microsoft Word). PostScript is ill-advised. Open Document format is undesirable. Microsoft Word format is forbidden except where returning a form we have supplied in that format.

For your information, it is helpful if the writers of recommendation letters provide details of: