Small Utility Programs Written by Joe Wells

Here are a few small utility programs I have written. I put them here mainly for the benefit of my collaborators. Mostly the copyright is owned by my various employers and I have not had the time to arrange any special licensing, so if you use these someone might later come along and sue you for copyright infringement.

update CVS repository pointers in working directories to handle repository moves
build a web page from a database of people (needs
runs bib2html on a web page, turns author names into hyperlinks, and fixes the labels on hyperlinks into the web page on another web page
runs "cvs update -d" in all of your working directories
expands some uses of ~ and // in your TeX environment variables and prints out commands to set your environment variables to the expanded values
hard links identical files that are on the same partition
a few functions
Perl modules need to be put in a directory where Perl will look for library files. You can add additional such directories for Perl version 5 by setting the PERL5LIB environment variable. See "man perlrun" for more information.