Typesetting the Concave Diamond in LaTeX

An e-mail message I sent that contains the solution to how to typeset the concave diamond in LaTeX:
From: Joe Wells <jbw@macs....>
Subject: Re: typesetting concave diamond symbol?
To: "Luca Cardelli" <luca@microsoft....>
Cc: "Andy Gordon" <adg@microsoft....>
Date: 2006-03-22 22:00:33+01:00 (2006-03-22 22:00:33+00:00)

Hi, Luca and Andy,

For your information, in case anyone else asks, here is a solution I
managed to find using only LaTeX features that are already installed
as part of the standard teTeX distribution.

In the prologue, put this:


In the body, where you want the symbol to appear, put this:


What I actually do is

  \DeclareUnicodeCharacter{10209}{\rotatebox[origin=c]{45}{\wasylozenge}} % U+27E1 ⟡ WHITE CONCAVE-SIDED DIAMOND, wasysym,graphics

and then I just write the body of my document using the Unicode
character ⟡ where I need it.  But I had to install an additional
package to get the ucs, utf8x, and autofe features.


Joe Wells <jbw@macs....> writes:

> "Luca Cardelli" <luca@microsoft....> writes:
>> It exists in "Wingdings" (a standard font under Widows).
>> It is also included in the LicsB truetype font here:
>> <http://www.luca.demon.co.uk/Fonts/Pc/LicsX.zip>.
> "Andy Gordon" <adg@microsoft....> writes:
>> Maybe see Luis Caires' papers?  He uses LaTeX and may have found a
>> way to get that symbol.
> Thanks for the helpful information!
> -- 
> Joe