Dr. Lyonell Boulton

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Of. CM S20
Tel. 131 4513973
Department of Mathematics
Heriot-Watt University
Edinburgh EH14 4AS
Scotland UK

Research Interest

Spectral analysis of linear operators in general. Non-selfadjoint operators. Pseudospectra of operator and matrix polynomials. Computational spectral theory. Spectral pollution and spectral enclosures. Ordinary differential equations. Mathematical physics. Approximation theory.

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The reason why I live in Scotland.


Recent Manuscripts

Older publications.

Events around Edinburgh

Events at Heriot-Watt University: Seminars, lectures and general talks

Events at the Maxwell Institute for Mathematical Sciences: Seminars, lectures and general talks

Academic Meetings


Meeting in honour of Jack Carr: Edinburgh - May 2018

Past five years

Mathematical aspects of the physics with non-self-adjoint operators: Marseille - June 2017

AMS Spring Eastern Sectional Meeting 1129: New York - May 2017

Fourth Najman Conference on Spectral Problems for Operators and Matrices: Opatija - September 2015

Third Scottish PDE Colloquium: June 2015

Mathematical aspects of the physics with non-self-adjoint operators: AIM - June 2015 (here is a picture of the participants of this workshop)

Pseudospectra of operators: spectral singularities, semiclassics, pencils and random matrices: Edinburgh - September 2014

Variational and Spectral Methods in Quantum Mechanics: IHP - Spring 2013

Mathematical aspects of the physics with non-self-adjoint operators: ICMS - March 2013


PhD Students

Spyridon Dimoudis Current.

Houry Melkonian 2013-2017.

Kim Smedley-Williams Current (co-supervision with Bernd Schroers).

Aatef Hobiny 2010-2014.

Active Lecture Courses

Problem Solving: F17GA - Second Semester 17-18.

Numerical Analysis A: F18NA - Second Semester 17-18.


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