Edinburgh Workshop


Semigroup Representations 2013

Supported by the EPSRC (Grant ref: EP/I033203/1)*

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Organizer Dr Mark V Lawson, Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh in co-operation with ICMS.

Dates From 9am on Wednesday 10th April 2013 until 12 noon on Friday 12th April.

Themes The goal of this workshop will be to discuss some of the new ideas emerging from the study of semigroup representations. The term representation theory has taken on a rather narrow meaning in recent years suggesting mainly group representations and their connections with particle physics. Important though these are, semigroups also have representations which are both interesting in themselves and for their applications. Two classes of representations form the core of this workshop: those emerging from linear representations and their generalizations, and those involving inverse semigroups and their interactions with C*-algebras.

Venue International Centre for Mathematical Sciences (ICMS), 15 South College Street, Edinburgh EH8 9AA.

  1. Ruy Exel.  Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina, Brazil.  
  2. Robert Gray.  Centro de Algebra da Universidade de Lisboa, Portugal.
  3. Peter Higgins. University of Essex, England.
  4. Zur Izhakian. Humboldt Research Fellow, Universitaet Bremen, Germany.
  5. Johannes Kellendonk. Université Claude Bernard - Lyon I, France.
  6. Wolfgang Krieger. Universitaet Heidelberg, Germany.
  7. Ganna Kudryavtseva. University of Ljubjana, Slovenia.
  8. Daniel Lenz. Friedrich-Schiller-Universitaet, Jena, Germany.
  9. Stuart Margolis. Bar-Ilan University, Israel.
  10. Walter Mazorchuk. University of Uppsala, Sweden.
  11. Jan Okninski.  University of Warsaw, Poland.
  12. Pedro Resende. Instituto Superior Tecnico, Lisboa, Portugal.
  13. Pedro Silva.  Universidade do Porto, Portugal.

Titles, abstracts and slides

Participation ICMS has excellent facilities such as a fully equipped lecture theatre, a pc area and wi-fi access as well as first-rate staff who have long experience of organizing maths conferences (and dealing with mathematicians). However, it is not a large venue and places will be limited. ICMS will deal with registration via the website above.

Financial support I only have enough funds to support the speakers.

Contributed talks  There were three impromptu contributed talks on Friday afternoon by Janin, Anh and Lawson.

Registration fee £50 to cover all expenses for morning and afternoon tea, lunches and the Workshop Reception.

*This is part of a grant jointly awarded to Victoria Gould (York), Nik Ruskuc (St Andrews) and myself.