Texture Lab word cloud

I’m interested in how people perceive the visual and digital worlds and how we measure and predict these perceptions – particularly for texture-rich designs and products. I’m also interested in extending the use of our data-mining and data-visualisation to helping folk understand the structure and content of ICT research in the UK through our ICT Perceptions project.

So my lab uses a mixture of Computer Vision, Vision Science, Computer Graphics, Rich Web & Mobile Apps and Crowd-sourcing to try to answer questions such as:

  • Can we predict how rough/glossy/directional/regular you think a texture-rich surface is?
  • Can we increase customers’ interest and engagement in digital presentations (particularly e-retail)  of texture-rich goods using rich, highly interactive media?
  • Do we know what emotive properties that we have to communicate to you so that you will press the ‘buy’ button?
  • Can we understand the structure and dimensionality of how people perceive complex surface reflectance and texture properties?

And for EPSRC’s ICT Portfolio

  • Can we use clustering techniques and other data-mining techniques to help us understand and promote discussion of ICT research?

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