Ph.D. Supervision (first supervisor)

Dr. Ceri Reid (1988-92) Integration of acoustic and visual data for subsea robotics Texture classification
Dr. Arantza Aldea (1990-1994) The use of scheduling and hierarchical modelling techniques for time-limited diagnosis Model-based diagnosis
Dr. George Coghill (1991-1996) Mycroft: a framework for constraint-based fuzzy qualitative reasoning Model-based diagnosis
Dr. Neil Williams (1993-1998 ) Recognising objects in sector-scan sonar image sequences Image classification
Dr. Ged McGunnigle (1994-1998) The classification of textured surfaces under varying illuminant direction Texture classification
Dr. Georgios Katsillis (1996-2000) Diagnosis using imprecise dynamic models and imprecise sensor data Model-based diagnosis
Dr. Jerry Wu (1998-2003) Photometric texture classification Texture classification
Dr. Cristina Gullon (1999-2003) Time/frequency methods for classification of 3D textures Texture classification
Dr. Jen Pfeiffer (1999-2003) Directional artefacts in side-scan sonar images Texture classification
Dr. Junyu Dong (2000-2003) Synthesis of 3D surface texture Texture synthesis
Dr. Andy Spence(2001-2005) Photometric texture capture Texture capture
Dr. Mike Robb (2002-2009) Interactive Real-Time three-dimensional visualisation of virtual textiles Texture synthesis
Dr. Mahalingam Gopalan (2003-2005) Texture editing Texture synthesis
Dr. Kemerith Emrith (2004-2008 ) Texture Retrieval Texture analysis
Dr. Stefano Padilla (2004-2008 ) Perceived roughness of 3D surface textures Texture Measurement
Dr. Alasdair Clarke (2006-2010) Perceptual defect detection in rough surface textures Texture Perception
Dr. Pratik Shah (2006-2010) Analysis of Surface Directionality Texture Measurement
Fraser Halley (2008-2012 ) Perceptual navigation of large texture collections Texture Navigation & Crowd Sourcing
Lin Qi (2008-2012 ) Perception of gloss and texture Texture Perception
Tom Methven(2009-2013) Stereo perception of complex glossy surfaces Gloss and texture perception
Pawel Orzechowski (2009- ) Multi-modal interactive texture presentation on handheld devices Texture Presentation
Dong (2010-2014 ) Human perception and computer classification of visual texture Texture Perception
Robb (2011-2015 ) Image-based design feedback Crowd sourcing
Mackie(2012- ) Interactive, multimodal perception of texture-rich products Interactive perception
Ross(2012-2017) Medical applications Visualisation
Gordon(2014- ) Texture inspection Interactive analysis
Le Bras(2015- ) LDA Topic Map Explanation (joint sup. with Padilla) XAI
Liang(2016- ) Hierarchical Topic Modelling Visualisation
Gharavi(2017- ) Multiple Model LDA Explanation
Howden(2017- ) Topic Modeling Visualisation
Chalkiadakis(2017- ) Bayesian Neural Networks XAI


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