Curent Teaching

Module code Title Level
F20/21DV Data Visualisation and Analytics Level 10/11

Past Exam Papers

Are available from https://www.macs.hw.ac.uk/cs/localinfo/pastpapers

Note that is HTTPS, not HTTP – which will require you to log in with your MACS username and password.


Honours/MSc Projects

My project list is here

Previous Teaching Duties

F29AJ2 Computer Graphics M.Sc.
12.2NO2 Operating systems B.Eng. 2nd year
22.5SD2 Image processing M.Sc.
22.5DK1 Real time systems M.Sc.
22.3UA3 Presentation skills B.Eng. 3rd year
22.4DJ2 Multiprocessor Computers and Networks B.Eng. final year
22.5FE2 Real-time knowledge-based systems M.Sc.
Short course Visual Basic 6 CPE
Short course Conversion to C++ CPE
F24BG2 Computer Vision and Applications B.Eng. 4th year

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