F20/21DV Data Visualisation and Analytics

F20DV and F21DV – Data Visualisation and Analytics

This course is presented by Mike Chantler.

Lecture notes and project details (when approved) are available via Vision (BlackBoard)

This is a 100% coursework assessed course.

The project normally involves building a clientside dashboard in D3.js and javascript. You therefore need good programming skills.

An example of a previous year’s project is here.

F20DV project

F20DV project

D3.js is a JavaScript library for programming data driven visualisations. It has a steep learning curve but the key is to fully undersatnd it’s main pattern (the gerneral update loop) and the style of the layout and shape generators.

JavaScript is an object orientated language (e.g. see OOP In JavaScript) however, JavaScript is a losely typed language and can be used to program in many styles!! It is quite dufferent from Java, and Java programmers can find it and the associated tools extremely frustrating!

The data for 2014/2015 projects are taken from Gateway to Research. An example project is here.

Preprocessing of the data for dimensionality reduction maybe required e.g. as used for our Research Perspectives project which sumarises 180,000 project descriptions available from GTR and NSF.

For more information see the course on Vision.




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