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Maxwell Insitute for Mathematical Sciences
School of Mathematical and Computer Sciences, Heriot-Watt University

Over the past decade I have given over 50 invited and contributed talks, including a plennary talk at SMAI 2019 (Biennalle Française des Mathématiques Appliquées et Industrielles), as well as several invited lectures at research schools and MSc programmes (e.g., see Gretsi 2016, CIRM 2019, IPVC Bordeaux). Some of my recent talks are available to watch online:

OneWorld SIAM-IS Imaging and Inverse Problems (IMAGING), March 2021. My talk on "Bayesian inference with Plug-and-Play image priors" is available here.
LMS-Bath Symposium Mathematics of Machine Learning, August 2020. My talk on "Bayesian inference with data-driven image priors" is available here.
Institut Henri Poincaré Mathematics of Imaging, March 2019. My talk on "Bayesian inference and convex geometry: theory, methods, and algorithms" is available here.
Winter School The video recordings and slides for my 6-hour course on "Bayesian inference and mathematical imaging" at the CIRM school on "The Mathematics of Imaging" are available here:
Part I: Bayesian analysis and decision theory (slides, video)
Part II: Markov chain Monte Carlo (slides, video)
Part III: probability & convex optimisation (slides, video)
Part VI: mixture, random fields, and hierarchical models (slides, video).

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