Rob Pooley

Professor of Computer Science and Information Systems

Department of Computer Science
School of Mathematical and Computer Sciences
Heriot-Watt University

I joined Heriot-Watt on October 1st 1998.

I am a member of the Information Systems Group where I work with sociotechnical and soft systems.

I also have links with the Dependable Systems Group, where I have worked in Performance Engineering and Software Engineering.

I did some work on mobile applications with members of the VIS&GE group and the Pervasive, Ubiquitous and Mobile Applications (PUMA) Lab

My research interests can be summarised as

  1. modelling led design, which includes
    1. discrete event simulation,
    2. performance modelling and
    3. software engineering.
  2. Information systems, whch includes
    1. SSM and Rich Pictures
    2. the Digital Economy
    3. technology for social and community micro-enterprise
  3. Pervasive systems



Some recent talks and unpublished papers in draft form


Here are some records of trips

This link takes you to some recommended B&Bs and small hotels that we have enjoyed staying in. No guarantees, but we found them good value.

Some teaching materials

Document Preparation notes for final year students

The slides from my lecture on preparing a final project report

I once wrote a book on the programming language Simula. It is now out of print, so I have put it on the Web in HTML. Enjoy, but I take no further responsibility for it!

I also wrote an ANSI C and  C++ course and turned it into a crude Web based teaching system, using HTML. Feel free to have a look. Again I don't suport it any more.


Although I don't guarantee it is up to date, here is a list of my publications, for the insomniacs among you.