Selected Publications

I have tried to divide these publications into thematic areas rather than merely giving a complete set by year. Where possible, I have made an electronic version available. It is not a complete listing: if you want a copy of a paper not listed email me and ask.

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Agents, Affect and Culture (read more)

Work here derives from the projects VICTEC,eCIRCUS, LIREC and eCute as well as work carried out with Carlos Delgado Mata on the role of affect in flocking animals and with MeiYii Lim and Asad Nazir on the application of the PSI model


Samuel Mascarenhas, Nick Degens, Ana Paiva, Rui Prada, Gert Jan Hofstede, Adrie Beulens, Ruth Aylett (2016) Modeling culture in intelligent virtual agents (pdf) Journal of Autonomous Agents and Multi-Agent Systems, 30(5) pp931-962 Springer


Eva Krumhuber; Arvid Kappas; Colette Hume; Lynne Hall; and Ruth Aylett (2015) From Non-human to Human: Adult’s and Children’s Perceptions of Agents Varying in Humanness. Intelligent Virtual Agents: 15th International Conference, IVA 2015, Delft, The Netherlands, August 26-28, 2015, Proceedings. Vol. 9238. Springer, 2015. (pdf)

Lynne Hall; Sarah Tazzyman; Colette Hume; Birgit Endrass; Mei-Yii Lim; GertJan Hofstede; Ana Paiva; Elisabeth Andre; Arvid Kappas & Ruth Aylett (2014) Learning to Overcome Cultural Conflict through Engaging with Intelligent Agents in Synthetic Cultures. Int J Artif Intell Educ (2015) 25:291–317 DOI 10.1007/s40593-014-0031-y (pdf)

Mary Ellen Foster, Amol Deshmukh, Srinivasan Janarthanam, Mei Yii Lim, Helen Hastie, Ruth Aylett (2015) Influencing the learning experience through affective agent feedback in a real-world treasure hunt. Proc.2015 International Conference on Autonomous Agents and Multiagent Systems. pp1711-1712 International Foundation for Autonomous Agents and Multiagent Systems. (pdf)

Christopher Ritter, Ruth Aylett. (2015) The Partial Poker-Face. International Conference on Intelligent Virtual Agents, pp. 479-482. Springer, Cham, 2015. (pdf)


Ruth Aylett, Lynne Hall, Sarah Tazzyman, Birgit Endrass, Elisabeth André, Christopher Ritter, Asad Nazir, Ana Paiva, GertJan Höfstede, Arvid Kappas (2014) Werewolves, cheats, and cultural sensitivity.(pdf) Proc. 2014 international conference on Autonomous agents and multi-agent systems, pp1085-1092, IFAAMAS

Birgit Endrass, Lynne Hall, Colette Hume, Sarah Tazzyman, Elisabeth Andre, Ruth Aylett (2014) Engaging with virtual characters using a pictorial interaction language (pdf) CHI'14 Extended Abstracts on Human Factors in Computing Systems, pp531-534, ACM

Tiago Ribeiro, Eugenio Di Tullio, Lee J Corrigan, Aidan Jones, Fotios Papadopoulos, Ruth Aylett, Ginevra Castellano, Ana Paiva (2014) Developing interactive embodied characters using the thalamus framework: a collaborative approach (pdf) Intelligent Virtual Agents: 14th International Conference, IVA 2014, Boston, MA, USA, August 27-29, 2014, Proceedings (Vol. 8637, p. 364). Springer.


Joao Dias, Ruth Aylett, Ana Paiva, Henrique Reis (2013) The Great Deceivers: Virtual Agents and Believable Lies, Proc CogSci2013, pp2189-2194 (pdf)

Jamie Forth, Thanasis Giannimaras, Geraint A Wiggins, Robert Stewart, Diana Bental, Ruth Aylett, Deborah Maxwell, Hadi Mehrpouya, Jamie Shek, Mel Woods (2013) SERENA: A multi-site pervasive agent environment that supports serendipitous discovery in research, Advances on Practical Applications of Agents and Multi-Agent Systems LNCS 7879, Springer, pp85-96 (pdf)

L Hall, SJ Jones, R Aylett, M Hall, S Tazzyman, A Paiva, L Humphries (2013) Serious game evaluation as a meta-game, Interactive Technology and Smart Education 10 (2), pp130-146 (pdf)

Felix Kistler, Elisabeth André, Samuel Mascarenhas, André Silva, Ana Paiva, Nick Degens, Gert Jan Hofstede, Eva Krumhuber, Arvid Kappas, Ruth Aylett (2013) Traveller: An Interactive Cultural Training System Controlled by User-Defined Body Gestures, Human-Computer Interaction–INTERACT 2013, 2013 (pdf)


Ruth Aylett and Ana Paiva (2012) Computational Modelling of Culture and Affect, Emotion Review 4 (3), pp253-263 (pdf)

Mei Yii Lim, Joao Dias, Ruth Aylett and Ana Paiva (2012) Creating adaptive affective autonomous NPCs, J.Autonomous Agents and Multi-Agent Systems 24 (2), 287-311 (pdf)


Lim, M.Y; Leichtenstern, K; Kriegel, M; Enz, S; Aylett, R; Vannini, N; Hall, L. & Rizzo, P. (2011) Technology-enhanced role-play for social and emotional learning context – Intercultural empathy. Entertainment Computing 2 (2011) 223–231 (pdf)


Scott EJ Watson, Natalie Vannini, Sarah Woods, Kerstin Dautenhahn, Maria Sapouna, Sibylle Enz, Wolfgang Schneider, Dieter Wolke, Lynne Hall, Ana Paiva, Elizabeth Andre, Ruth Aylett (2010) Inter-cultural differences in response to a computer-based anti-bullying intervention, J.Educational Research, Volume 52, Issue 1, 2010 (pdf)


Lim,M.Y; Aylett,R.S; Ho,W.C; Vargas, P. and Enz,S. (2009) A Socially-Aware Memory for Companion Agents, The 9th International Conference on Intelligent Virtual Agents, Amsterdam, Sept 14-16, 2009, Springer(pdf)

Mei Yii Lim and Ruth Aylett, An Emergent Emotion Model for An Affective Mobile Guide with Attitude (2009), Applied Artificial Intelligence Journal, 23:835-854, 2009, Taylor & Francis Group (pdf)

Ruth Aylett, Ana Paiva, Natalie Vannini, Sibylle Enz, Elisabeth Andre. (2009) But that was in another country: agents and intercultural empathy. Proceedings, AAMAS 2009(pdf)

Asad Nazir, Sibylle Enz, Mei Yii Lim, Ruth Aylett and Alison Cawsey, Culture-Personality based Affective Model, Special Issue on Enculturing HCI in AI and Society Journal, Springer-Verlag London, 2009(pdf)

Patricia A. Vargas, Wan Ching Ho, MeiYii Lim, Sibylle Enz and Ruth Aylett (2009) To Forget or Not to Forget:Towards a Roboethical Memory Control. Proceedings, Symposium: Friendly Fridges or Killer Robots? AISB09(pdf)

Mei Yii Lim, Ruth Aylett, Sibylle Enz, Michael Kriegel, Natalie Vannini, Lynne Hall and Susan Jones, Towards Intelligent Computer Assisted Educational Role-Play, Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on E-Learning and Games, Banff, Canada, August 9-11, 2009, Springer(pdf)

Mei Yii Lim, Michael Kriegel, Ruth Aylett, Sibylle Enz, Natalie Vannini, Lynne Hall, Paola Rizzo and Karin Leichtenstern, Technology-Enhanced Role-Play for Intercultural Learning Context, Proceedings of the 8th International Conference on Entertainment Computing, Paris, France, September 3-5, 2009(pdf)


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G. Castellano, R. Aylett, A. Paiva, P. W. McOwan, Affect recognition for interactive companions, Workshop on Affective Interaction in Natural Environments (AFFINE), ACM International Conference on Multimodal Interfaces (ICMI'08), Chania, Crete, Greece, 24 October 2008. (pdf)

G. Castellano, R. Aylett, K. Dautenhahn, A. Paiva, P. W. McOwan, S. Ho, Long-term affect sensitive and socially interactive companions, Fourth International Workshop on Human-Computer Conversation, Bellagio, Italy, 6-7 October 2008 (pdf)

Asad Nazir, Mei Yii Lim, Michael Kriegel, Ruth Aylett, Alison Cawsey, Sibylle Enz, Paola Rizzo, Lynne Hall (2008) ORIENT: an inter-cultural role-play game. Proceedings, NILE 2008 (pdf)

Tiago Alves, Ana Simoes, Rui Figueiredo, Marco Vala, Ana Paiva, Ruth Aylett (2008) So tell me what happened: Turning agent-based interactive drama into comics. Proc. AAMAS 2008 pp1269-1272 ACM Press (pdf)

MeiYii Lim, Joao Dias, Ruth Aylett, Ana Paiva (2008) Improving Adaptiveness in Autonomous Characters. Proc IVA 2008 LNAI 5208 pp348-355 Springer (pdf)


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Delgado, C. & Aylett, R.S. (pdf) (2002) Virtual odours to transmit emotions in virtual agents. Proceedings, VRAI 2002, pp1-8, Hangzhou, China

Narrative (read more)

I started this work in 1999 with a paper I wrote for the AAAI Fall Symposia workshop on Narrative. A more complete account of the continuing work carried out with Sandy Louchart can be found in the 2003 Virtual Reality paper.


R Aylett, S Louchart (2013) I contain multitudes: creativity and emergent narrative, Proceedings of the 9th ACM Conference on Creativity & Cognition Pages 337-340 (pdf)


A Weallans, S Louchart, R Aylett (2012) Distributed Drama Management: beyond double appraisal in emergent narrative. Interactive Storytelling, LNCS 7648, Springer 2012, pp 132-143(pdf)


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Virtual/augmented reality and serious games


John Truesdale, Neil Suttie, Sandy Louchart, Ruth Aylett (2014) Off the Beaten Track! The Infinite Scotland Serious Game Design Approach. International Conference on Serious Games Development and Applications. (pdf)


Aylett, R.S; C. Delgado, J. H. Serna, R. Stockdale, H. Clarke, M. Estebanez, P. Goillau, T. Lynam, (pdf) (2005) REMOTE: desk-top Virtual Reality for future command and control?, Virtual Reality(2005) 8: 131-146, ISSN: 1359-4338 (Paper) 1434-9957 (Online)


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Robots, Human-Robot Interaction, Planning

In the 1990s I worked on multirobot systems, producing a hybrid behavioural-predictive architecture. After this, on applying AI planning to process plant. Then there was a gap in which I worked only with graphical chracters until the LIREC project from 2008 when I started working in Human-robot Interaction (HRI), continuing with this theme in the EMOTE project from 2012.


Helen Hastie, Mei Yii Lim, Srini Janarthanam, Amol Deshmukh, Ruth Aylett, Mary Ellen Foster, Lynne Hall (2016) I Remember You!: Interaction with Memory for an Empathic Virtual Robotic Tutor (pdf)Proc. 2016 International Conference on Autonomous Agents & Multiagent Systems, pp931-939, IFAAMAS

Ruth Aylett (2016) Games Robots Play: Once More, with Feeling (pdf) Emotion in Games, pp289-302, Springer


Adeline Chanseau, Katrin S Lohan, Ruth Aylett (2015) How motor speed of a robot face can influence the" older" user's perception of facial expression? (pdf) 24th IEEE International Symposium on Robot and Human Interactive Communication (RO-MAN).


Mary Ellen Foster, Mei Yii Lim, Amol Deshmukh, Srini Janarthanam, Helen Hastie, Ruth Aylett (2014) Affective feedback for a virtual robot in a real-world treasure hunt (pdf) Proc. 2014 Workshop on Multimodal, Multi-Party, Real-World Human-Robot Interaction, pp31-32, ACM


Ginevra Castellano, Ana Paiva, Arvid Kappas, Ruth Aylett, Helen Hastie, Wolmet Barendregt, Fernando Nabais, Susan Bull. (2013) Towards Empathic Virtual and Robotic Tutors. Artificial Intelligence in Education, 2013. Springer pp 733-736 (pdf)


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Matthias U Keysermann, Ruth Aylett, Sibylle Enz, Henriette Cramer, Carsten Zoll, Patricia A Vargas (2012) Investigating Trust Issues arising from Human-Robot Information Sharing. Autonomous Robots and Multirobot Systems (ARMS) Workshp, AAMAS 2012 (pdf)

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