I've been writing since I was a teenager but four kids, putting some effort into trying to change things, not to mention the academic day job, means that only recently have I made the effort to get published or be heard. I'm an inveterate techie in my working life, which explains the poems about Turing, logarithms and differential calculus; and I still want things to change even if I lack the energy I once had. Hence stories about people who are not much heard and a certain number of rants. Other than that, I write about the things we all write about: love, death, airports, chemical plant, swimming.

Short Stories

Nothing to Tell. (New Writing Scotland ,Jul 2016)

Robot. A shorter version, from the Design in Action Summit: Ubiquity: The Journal of Pervasive Media, v4 n1-2 pp109-111, Jun 2015

Tell me the Way to Go Home; Mother of God; 2014 10th August, StoryShop, Edinburgh Book festival.

Fire with Fire Shortlist (last 10) for Doire Press Fiction and Poetry International Chapbook Competition. Published Dec 2013.

Gnomes Write This, volume 6, issue iii, 3.24.2012

Robot CS4FN - ComputerScienceForFun

Granite University with Morag Burgon-Lyon, Greg Michaelson, Judy Robertson

Swans. (In Textualities)

Pictures at an Exhibition. (New Writing Scotland 26, Jul 2008)



Electric Shock, in:Alchemy Spoon, issue 5, p42 Alchemy Spoon, issue 5, p42

Bonfire leaping; Janus; New Acquaintance. Wildfire Words: Backwards and Forwards, Jan 2022

The Uffizi Madonnas and Child. Skylight 47, Issue 15, Jan 2022

And We All Sang Together. Sweety Cat Anthology: Stories & Poems in the Song of Life

Night Walk, in:Last Stanza Poetry Journal, Issue #7: Premonition, Coincidence, Folklore, Magic


Dear Diary. Penning, Scottish PEN, Diary issue

Neanderthal. Calton Ceilidh anthology by Ruby McCann.

Home for Christmas Ink, Sweat and Tears 12 Days of Christmas, 28 Dec 2021

Queen of Infinite Space Pamphlet, pub Maytree Dec 2021

Shostakovich. Poetry Scotland, Autumn 2021.

Do come to my party... Spilling Cocoa over Martin Amis, Sept 9th

The Physics of Sound. Ink, Sweat and Tears, Aug 15

After Lowry: Laying A Foundation Stone. UP, Art Issue, May

Your Life in Red Plastic. Commended, FWS Vernal Equinox Competition

Child. Poetry Scotland, Spring 2021

Costa Rica Come-downs; Gettysburg. Orbis issue 195, Mar 2021

Neolithic Burial. Marble Broadhseet 1, History

Your Own Petition. Federation of Writers Scotland, Arbroath Declarations


Moving Matters; Bigger Flat. Squiffy Gnu anthology, Dec 2020

Radioactive Skłodowska. Consilience, issue 3

Scaffold. Alchemy Spoon, issue 2

Robot Poems. In: Uncanny Bodies, ed P. Goldschmidt, Luna Press 2020

Today's news As Above So Below - no6, Liminality. p28

Astronomer: El Roque de Los Muchachos. In: Whirlagust, Yaffle prize anthology 2020

Ch’ang kan Village comes to Manchester; Foundation Stone; in Mancunian Ways, Fly On The Wall

Old Vienna. Allegro issue 25,Allegro Sept 2020

Two Pebbles. Under the Radar, issue 26 Autumn 2020

20:20 Vision. Butcher's Dog, issue 13, Summer 2020

Children of Coronovirus, Postcards from Malthusia

Iseult's Complaint, Poetry Birmingham Literary Journal, Issue 3, 2020

The Dresser, Atrium Jan 31, 2020

December, Right Hand Pointing, Issue 36b, Jan 2020

Bastille Day in Herault; Notre Dame du SucThe French Literary Review, Issue 33, Jan 2020

Waterworld; On the Bins Pic Pocket a Poem

CodingWinner, 2020 Poetry of Science Competition


Belshazzar's Feast Morning Star, Dec 2019

Voicemail from Palestine; Amending Walls. DoveTales Anthology: Bridges or Walls? Nov 2019.

King Knut Prole 29, Nov 2019

Full Steam Ahead Glasgow Herald Poem of the Day, 29.8.19

Carving Knives Skylight 47, issue 12 Also **Film Poem**

Llyn Peninsula;Pilgrim's Progress Places of Poetry

Tiree - Ringing StoneStanza Poetry Map of Scotland

Seekers International Times, 3.8.19

More Resolute Orgreave Truth and Justice Campaign; 2019 Bread and Roses Anthology

Rule Britannia International Times, May 2019

July Moon. In: Pale Fire, New poetry on the Moon, Frgmore Press, June 2019

New Born. Commended, Mother's Milk Writing Prize, 2018

And we all sang together. Commended, William Soutar prize , 2018

Letting Go; In the Greenwood; Celeste Aida - in Blue Nib, issue 38, June 2019

The Last Spitfire in:New Boots and Pantisocracies, 18 Mar 2019

Anti-Trump Demonstration. Poets Republic issue 7, May 2019

Great Powers: John Napier of Merciston. In: Scotia Extremis , Andy Jackon, Brian Johnstone (eds) pub Luath Press

Raven. Algebra of Owls.

In parallel. Marble , Issue 4, April 2019

Ch’ang kan Village comes to Manchester - After Ch’ang kan Village Song, by Li Po. Ofi Press 62, April 2019, p8.


Marathon, In: Pendle War Competition 2018- Selected Poems

Making Mince Pies. In: (More) New poems for Christmas, Live Canon, Dec 2018

Bone Woman. Firth, issue 2, Nov 2018

Neanderthal: Here be Giants. Prole, no27, Dec 2018

Halloween. Three Drops in a Cauldron, Samhain 2018 issue.

Geneva. Ink, Sweat and tears, Sept 4th 2018

Agenda Item; Long-listed, Live Canon 2018 competition; In: Live Canon 2018 Anthology

Another Country. In: Cadence, ed. Grant Hudson, Clarendon House Publications

Natural Science; Cheshire Walks; Notre Dame du Suc; In: Landscapes, Ed. Margaret Holbrook, Sept 2018

Bastille Day in Herault. Coast to Coast to Coast Issue 4 August 2018

Circular Time. In:Please hear what I am not saying.

The Measurements. Commissioned for the Stanza 2018 Digital installation: Lines on a Map


Marathon. Commended, Sonnet or Not 2017 Competition

Muses; Latin lessons. The North, issue 59

Solstice. https://thewriterscafemagazine.wordpress.com/2017/12/16/the-writers-cafe-magazine-issue-3-ice-and-snow/

Pilgrims Progress. In: Noble Dissent, from Beautiful Dragons Press

Fenris. Three Drops in a Cauldron Midwinter 2017 special, p45.

Leonardo Constellation Riggwelter, issue 3, page 27, Nov 2017

Autumn term Degenerates: Voices for peace Bullying edition, Sept 2017

Minotaur. Prole issue 23, Aug 2017

National Hero, Belshazzar's Feast, Social Security. I Am Not a Silent Poet, 22nd July 2017

Drawn in perspective.Antiphon issue 21, p19. Jun 2017. Also recording.

The Statue of David Hume, translated into Spanish by Buenosaires Poetry

Llyn Peninsula. A Bees Breakfast from Beautiful Dragons Press

Norwegian Blue. Agenda Vol 50 Nos-3-4 Power of Poetry

True Story and Essex Ancestors The Lake Feb 2017


The Statue of David Hume Umbrellas of Edinburgh

Turing; and Robophobia Shoreline of Infinity no 5

Eve's Dazzle Job Signal - poetic responses to Every Woman by Ciara Phillips

Handfast - A Poetry Duo With Beth McDonough, a pamphlet published by Mothers' Milk, May 2016

Pilgrimage Bare Hands Issue 22

Casa del Exilio. Interpreters House no 61

A Robot Drone Foresees Your Death. Poets Republic no 3.

Great Powers: John Napier of Merchiston Whaur Extremes Meet, Mar 7, 2016.

On the Bins. Southbank Poetry, no 23

Home Again. Ofi issue 46


Visitation Ink, Sweat and Tears Christmas 2015, Jan 30th

Tiree: Ringing Stone. Commended, Hungry Hill Wild Atlantic Words Competition

Titration. Fat Damsel No 2, part 2

Requiem from St Petersberg. Envoi Poetry, Issue 170 June 2015

Therefore I am; Ancient of Days. Valve 4, May 2015

Postcard from the 1880s. Runner up, 2015 Postcard peoms competition

Heft. The Open Mouse, pub 19th May 2015

Chemistry. Poetry Scotland, March 2015.

The Morning After. Nutshells and Nuggets, pub Apr 3rd 2015

Ventriloquist. Hallelujah for 50ft Women, Raving Beaties, Bloodaxe Books

Humility. The Stares Nest, pub Feb 14th 2015; 21 Poems for Jeremy Corbyn

Twelve Days on the Beaufort Scale. The Stares Nest, pub Jan 1st 2015

Hovis. In: Red Squirrel Double Bill anthology


Casa del Exilio. Longlisted for the Over the Edge New writer of the Year 2014

Mont Ventoux. In: Red Squirrel Tour de Vers anthology July 2014

Vulcan. Chosen for the Barnaby Poetry Trail, Industry, Jun 14th-29th, 2014

North Berwick Law, on the Stanza 2014 Map of Scotland

5 Photos - Child in the Garden.Ink, Sweat and Tears, May 30th 2014.


Fugitive: in The Skye Reading Room 2013 Islands Anthology 2013 Islands Anthology, Nov 2013

Chemistry: 3rd Prize in the 49th Annual Craigmillar Creative Writing Competition Jul 2013

How to deal with unrequited love: in Every Day Poets. Jul 2013


Turing: in Take Tea with Turing. Nov 2012 also now an app for iPhone; and android

Jupiter: in Estaury - a confluence of Art and Poetry

Making; Primes of Life; Three-stage Firing: with Carol Dussere's three stories in the Conversations Across Borders project. Aug 2012

Commuter: in Every Day Poets. Aug 2012

North Berwick Law - in Ink, Sweat and Tears, June 20th, 2012


Or in the heart, or in the head? (with Greg Michaelson; Textualities - Science and Intuition 1, Mar 2008; and with Sarah the Poetic Robot Aug 2012)



Handfast - A Poetry Duo With Beth McDonough, a pamphlet published by Mothers' Milk, May 2016


Astronomer: El Roque de Los Muchachos. Highly Commended, Yaffle competition 2020

And we all sang together. Commended, William Soutar prize, 2019,

Marathon. Commended, Cannon Poets Sonnet or Not Competition, 2017

The vultures of Prometheus. 1st prize, Hungry Hill Poets meet Politics competition, June 2017

Litany Across the Generations - with Beth McDonough. 2nd prize, Cheltenham poetry Festival Compound Competition

Visitation. Special Merit Award, National Galleries of Scotland: Inspired - Get Writing Competition, 2014.

Weston Woods. 2nd Prize, CoastWord Into The Woods Competititon, 2014.

When Rosa met Marilyn. 2nd prize, Off the Stanza Poetry Competition, Stirling Libraries, Sept 2014

Titration. Commended in the Buzzwords 2014 Open Poetry Competition, Sept 2014.

Saturday Shopping. Highly Commended in the 50th Annual Craigmillar Creative Writing Competition Jul 2014

Meteor - Runner up in the James Kirkup Memorial Competition, 2012

Medal of Robert Douglas - one of five winners in the St Andrews Museum Stanza Competition, March 2012

Ventriloquist - First prize in Provocations competition, 2012

The Screen - Highly Commended in the Norman MacCaig Competiton 2010

Listen to..

Listen to:

Lies/Dreaming #9 Podcast Robots: A Robot Drone Foresees Your Death

  1. Turing
  2. Meteor
  3. Chemistry(from Pretty in Pink)
  4. Primes of Life (from Pretty in Pink)
  5. Ventriloquist
  6. Therefore I am
  7. Heft
  8. North Berwick Law
  9. Jupiter
  10. City Whispers

On video, with and without a robot..

Film Poem: Carving Knives

Film Poem: Odin's Ravens

At Event Horizon 34, with Nao:

Primes of Life; Chemistry; at the Red Room Poets, Weds 17th Dec 2014, 2014.

Sarah the poetic robot, 2012: Spam Rap; An eclogue on Science and Intuition - jointly authored with Greg Michaelson;

Eve's Dazzle Job, read by Marjorie Lotfi Gill


Pedagogical Eros, Berlin, 26th Feb 2020.

Shore Poets Returning Poet, Edinburgh, 29th Jan 2020

Place and Peace, Scottish Pen. CCA Glasgow, 16th July 2019.

Poet's Republic Launch, Edinburgh, 4th May 2019.

Sudden Fame, Aye Write Festival, Glasgow, 24th March 2019.

Scotia Extremis Launch, Aye Write Festival, Glasgow, 24th March 2019.

Event Horizon 34, Frankenstein pub, Edinburgh. Feb 14th 2019

Poets meet Politics, Competition Anthology Launch, Castletownbere, June 3rd 2017

Umbrellas of Edinburgh, Blackwells, Edinburgh, November 15th 2016

Event Horizon 13, Blind Poet, Edinburgh, November 7th 2016

Handfast (with Beth McDonough), Callander Festival, September 3rd, 2016

Handfast Edinburgh Launch (with Beth McDonough), Blackwells, Edinburgh, Jun 16th 2016

Handfast Dundee Launch (with Beth McDonough), Dundee, May 26th 2016

Launch, Poets Republic no 3, Stonehaven, April 29th 2016

Fae the Lassies, Govanhill Baths, Jan 29th 2016

Double Bill, St Andrews, Thurs 26th Nov, 2015

On the Edge, Galway, Sept 11th, 2015.

Pulpit Poets, Dundee, June 27th, 2015.

Quiet Compere, Chesterfield, Fri May 15th, 2015.

Double Bill, Fri 6th Feb, 2015 in Newcastle; Monday Mar 30th, Dundee.

10Red, Weds 4th Feb, 2015.

Sutton Gallery Poetry Evening, Weds 22nd Feb, 2014.

Inky Fingers National Poetry Day open mic -3rd October 2013.

Inky Fingers online open mic -23rd April 2013.

Words and Music at Govanhill Baths- August 2012

Inky Fingers Minifest 'Science and Poetry' - with Sarah the Poetic Robot - August 2012

Blind Poetics @ the Counting House Summer Festival- June 2012

Hello Poetry, Stirling (reading at the 3 minute mark, after the raffle) - April 2012

Kerouac 9th birthday celebration - No Rhyme No Reason Apr 1st 2012

Foakies - November 2011

Callander Poetry weekend - September 2011

No Sleep in Bristo Poetry Marathon - August 2011

Happy Birthday Allen Ginzberg - June 2011

StAnza Slam - March 2011

Shore Poets 'New Poet' Jan 2011

Shore Poets Open Mic April 2010




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