AISEC seminar: Combining Task & Environment Specifications to Verify Robot Safety

This week's seminar is:
Craig Innes, University of Edinburgh
Title: Combining Task & Environment Specifications to Verify Robot Safety
Thursday, 19th of May, 12:00 GMT.

Abstract:Despite the increasing prevalence of probabilistic, data-driven approaches to robotic control and other tasks, many practitioners still wish to rigorously test whether their system conforms to some concrete specification. This specification includes not just the explicit task that the robot is expected to complete (along with e.g., safety constraints), but also the range of environments that a user can reasonably expect the task to be achieved in. This talk addresses both parts of such specifications:

First, we will tackle environment specifications by introducing ProbRobScene – a probabilistic specification language for declaratively expressing (and sampling) 3D simulated environments. Second, we will tackle task specifications by combining data-driven imitation learning with Linear Temporal Logic. Finally I’ll discuss some recent work which ties these two threads together, with the goal of creating a holistic framework for automated testing of robot manipulation systems in simulation.