AISEC Annual Project Workshop and Industrial Board

 8th-10th of September, 2021 - Edinburgh, Scotland,


The AISEC industrial board aims to bring together project partners, researchers and collaborations to share progress and ideas. The event will be split over three days on 8th, 9th and 10th of September. Wednesday will be a technical seminar on verification and programming languages. Thursday will be talks and discussions by the AISEC team and other partnered researchers on their work over the last year, while Friday will focus on broad panel discussions with all industrial partners on the challenges of building secure AI systems. A full schedule is attached. Participation in the entire event is not mandatory, and you are welcome to attend or not attend any parts of the schedule as you wish. At the moment, we hope to hold a significant portion of the workshop in-person, but we will ensure that those who wish to attend virtually may do so. For those who wish to attend both days, accommodation can be arranged on site at Heriot-Watt.


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