AISEC software

Schmitty - an Agda library for SMT integration

Schmitty is an Agda library which gives you bindings to SMT solvers, offering you is a well-typed embedding of some of the SMT-LIB language in Agda. That means as well as shouting “solve” at your problems, you can also write SMT queries yourself! Right now, Schmitty supports three theories—CoreInts, and Reals—and two backends—Z3, and CVC4. If you’re missing your favourite theory or solver, your contribution is more than welcome!

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Amethyst - an Agda library for NN verification

Currently a work in progress, Amethyst is an Agda library for neural network verification. Using Agda's expressive dependent type system, Amethyst is capable of specifying the desired properties of the neural network as a type. If your neural network doesn't have the right input/output behaviour, it won't even type-check!

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