The CREDO stack: from decision science to decision engineering

John Fox
Professor of Engineering Science
Medical Informatics and Cognitive Systems, Oxford University

11:15am-12:15pm, 30 January 2015
EM 1.70

NOTE: This talk has been CANCELLED


We all make mistakes, particularly when we are carrying out complex tasks under pressure. Mathematicians and logicians have defined standards of rationality, and theories of reasoning and decision-making that comply with these standards. Cognitive scientists have shown that there are many different sources of bias and causes of errors to contend with in maintaining these standards. Computer scientists, software engineers and AI researchers have developed technologies which mitigate causes of error and provide “cognitive prostheses” to help improve our performance in challenging situations.

Medicine has been a major domain in which key theoretical and practical achievements have been made. This talk will review some of the lessons learned during a long-term programme of research on clinical decision-making and planning, drawing on perspectives from medicine itself and from other disciplines that have sought to understand clinical expertise. The CREDO Stack is an engineering framework that brings together insights from diverse disciplines in a cognitive model of complex decision making and planning, and a versatile software suite for designing, implementing and deploying applications in medicine, and in other settings.


Host: Verena Rieser