A technical career path...what's that?

Catherine Hatton
Senvion UK

2:15pm-3:15pm, 27 February 2015
EM G.44


For this informal presentation Cath will talk about her career and how she ended up where she is today. She will also discuss her experience of being a woman within the engineering profession, and the challenges of keeping a career going while starting a family.


Cath gained a degree in Mechanical Engineering in 2001, and has spent over 10 years working in various roles within the Renewable Energy industry, from R&D to Sales to Project Management. She is currently part of the senior management team, in her role as Head of Projects, at Senvion UK, a leading wind turbine manufacturer. She manages a male dominated team of 16 project managers, engineering managers and co-ordinators, and is also mum to a 10 month old baby.

Host: Jessica Chen-Burger