Diabetes – Teenagers, Technology and Transition

Dr Steve Birnie
National Paediatric & Adolescent Diabetes Co-ordinator

2:15pm-3:15pm, 10 June 2015
EM G.44


The talk will present the current challenges facing young people with diabetes, parents, and the health care professionals who support them, as they move through their teenage years and have to develop the skills that will enable them to take on greater responsibility for their own care. By the age of 18 they will have moved from a very supportive children's diabetes service to a much more independent adult diabetes care environment where the expectation is that they will take on a lot of their own care.

How can we use smartphone, computer or gaming technology to make learning about their diabetes, developing life skills and monitoring their condition more interactive and fun?

How can we use the huge amount of data that each person with diabetes generates, blood glucose measures, insulin pump information, feedback from visits etc. to personalise their health advice?


I run my own training and management consultancy company. I am currently on contract to the Scottish Government and NHS Scotland as The Paediatric and Adolescent Diabetes Co-ordinator for Scotland. This means I work with everyone supporting young people with diabetes across Scotland to try and ensure that they get the best possible care and support. My background is over 25 years in the pharmaceutical industry working in sales, management and in the latter years arranging conferences, educational meetings and providing skills training to the NHS. I have worked extensively all all levels within both the private and public sectors running workshops and courses on leadership, team-working, communication, motivation, managing change and presentation skills amongst many others. I'm the chairman of a local youth and community centre, I carried the Olympic torch in 2012 and in my spare time play golf particularly badly!!!

Host: Jessica Chen-Burger