Staying Fit and Social: A Treasure Hunt App

Jordan Baron
Liou Bian
Peter Kovacs
Alasdair Law
Lewis Maitland
MEng Project Students

2:15pm-3-15pm, 30 March 2016
EM 1.70


How do you like the idea of a Treasure Hunt App that collects and analyses your heath data while you are on the quest? This information does not only tell you about your fitness but can be stored for future reference about your performances. If you are a social media enthusiast, you can also post the information on your timeline and see how well you perform against your friends. Additionally, this App also provides features for creating your very own treasure hunt with your chosen location, riddles and maps.

Keywords: Microsoft Band, Android App, Social Media, Treasure Hunt


This seminar is part of the MEng Project course requirements.