Model-based Testing of Software and IoT Systems

Miroslav Bures
Research group STILL (Software Testing IntelLigent Lab), dept. of Computer Science, FEE, Czech Technical University in Prague

07 November 2018
13:15 - 14:15
Room 3.06
Earl Mountbatten Building


Model-based Testing (MBT), overlapping with the test automation discipline, is intensively examined as a way to make testing of software and IoT systems more effective. Besides automated generation of accurate test scenarios with guaranteed coverage level increasing the confidence in the tests, well- applied MBT process can also decrease testing costs and overall project risks. Potential of MBT also rise with the recent development of IoT systems, bringing a number of quality assurance and testing challenges. In the seminar, we will present some examples of our research from path-based testing, combinatorial and constrained interaction testing or alternative applications of MBT to some non- traditional domains (combination of MBT with exploratory testing or usability testing).

Host: Lilia Georgieva