Setting the Standards for Responsible AI

Allison Gardner
Keele University

Wednesday 29 May 2019
14:15 - 15:15
Room 3.06, Earl Mountbatten Building


Recent revelations of discrimination caused by algorithms built with innate bias have caused increasing concern. Added to that we have a rush to implementation of unproven and inaccurate algorithms that threaten to embed unfairness in our society. In response to that we have seen the growth of AI Ethics and the development of a range of standards and principals setting the framework for building transparent, fair and accountable AI and a rising call for regulation. This talk will review some examples of unfair AI systems and map out the developing standards and potential regulation that have resulted. These standards have a clear implication on how we plan and develop AI systems for the future.


Allison lectures at Keele University in Bioinformatics and Data Science and is the co-founder of Women Leading in AI, a network of women and men shaping the debate around the use and norms of AI and big data. Her research is primarily focused on algorithmic bias; gender and computing; AI Ethics and Governance of AI. She works on the IEEE P7000 Global Initiative on the Ethics of Autonomous and Intelligent Systems and the ISO standard on Artificial Intelligence. She speaks internationally on AI Ethics, the need for diversity in tech and the potential regulation and governance of AI. Allison acts as a consultant for a variety of companies on the ethical design of autonomous and intelligent systems and development of algorithmic impact assessments. She is also a district councillor and an alumnus of the first cohort of the Jo Cox Women in Leadership Programme.

Host: Ruth Aylett