Combinatorics, UAVs, Memory & Cache, and Groups; A tour of a variety of research topics

Ruth Hoffman
University of St Andrews

Wednesday 18 September 2019
14:15 - 15:15
EM 1.83


This talk will cover the various research areas I have been part of in my short research career. We will look at the theory and results from computational combinatorics (permutation pattern classes), formal verification (verifying and synthesising UAV controllers), modelling of memory consistency models (and cache coherence protocols), and computational group theory.


Ruth finished her PhD, titled "On dots in boxes, or Permutation pattern classes and regular languages" in 2011 at the University of St Andrews. She then worked with Alice Miller and Gethin Norman at the University of Glasgow on verifying and synthesising controllers in autonomous aerial vehicles. In 2017 she returned to St Andrews she continued her work in formal verification but applied it to modelling cache coherence protocols and memory consistency models. After a year in teaching, she has now returned to research and is working on algorithms in computational group theory, specifically looking at stabilising chains and generating sets.

Host: Rob Stewart