MSc Actuarial Science and Management

Programme Code: F7IM-ACP

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Stage 1

Programme Director: Peter RidgesPeter Ridges

Semester 1 Timetable                                                       Semester 2 Timetable

Compulsory Courses

HW Title Semester Lecturer Credits
F71AF Life Insurance Mathematics 1 1  A. Macdonald 15
F71AB Financial Mathematics 1 T. Kleinow 15
F71BF Life Insurance Mathematics 2 2  P. Ridges 15

Optional Courses

Code Title Semester Lecturer Credits
C21AO Economics 1 SoSS Staff 15
C31FF Finance and Financial Reporting 1 SoSS Staff 15
F71SM Statistical Methods 1 D. Clancy 15
F71SZ Stochastic Modelling 1 S. Foss 7.5
F71AG Risk Theory 2 S. Shneer 15
F71TS Time Series Analysis 2 F.Daly 7.5
F71AH Financial Economics 1 2 G. Gibson 15
F71AJ Financial Economics 2 2 T. Kleinow 15
F71AE Survival Models 2 A. Macdonald 15

Stage 1 Notes: There are three mandatory courses in stage 1 (F71AF/AB/BF). All other courses in Stage 1 are optional. Students may choose any courses leading to a minimum of 120 credits, but not limited to 120 credits. Students may study all available courses in order to obtain maximum possible exemptions from the examinations of the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries (IFoA). Guidance is provided to students on selection of courses.

Stage 2

Programme Director:  Prof Angus Macdonald 

Semester 1 Timetable                                                            Semester 2 Timetable

Compulsory Courses

HW Code Title Semester Lecturer Credits
F71CA Actuarial Risk Management 1 1 A. Stott 15
F71CB Actuarial Risk Management 2 2 A. Stott 15
F71MD MSc Dissertation 3 Various 60

Optional Courses

Code Title Semester Lecturer Credits
F71PC Pensions A 1 P. Ridges 15
F71LA Life Insurance 1 1 A. Sneddon 15
F71QR Quantitative Risk Analysis 1 M. Fahrenwaldt/G. Streftaris 15
F71DV Derivative Markets and Pricing 1 A. Wiese 15
C31FM Financial Markets 1 SoSS Staff 15
F71PD Pensions B 2 P. Ridges 15
F71LB Life Insurance 2 2 A. Sneddon 15
F71AP Advanced Derivative Pricing 2 T. Johnson 15
F71TT Risk Management: Techniques and Tools 2 A. Cairns 15
C31FV Finance and Investment 2 SoSS Staff 15

Stage 2 Notes: Two mandatory courses (F71CA/CB) and three pairs of optional courses from F71PC/PD, F71LA/LB, C31FM/FV, F71DV/AP and F71QR/TT totalling 120 credits. Each pair of courses is associated with exemption from one examination of the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries and must be chosen in pairs as above.