BSc Actuarial Science and Diploma in Industrial Training 1

Programme Code: F712-ACD

For further information about course choices consult:

Year 1

Year 1 Year Co-ordinator: Dr James R Cruise




Semester 1 Timetable                                                    Semester 2 Timetable

Semester 1 (Mandatory) Semester 2 (Mandatory)
F17CA Calculus A F17CB Calculus B
F17CC Introduction to University Mathematics F77SB Introduction to Statistical Science B
F77SA Introduction to Statistical Science A F77PD  Professional Development Planning
 Semester 1 (Optional)  Semester 1 (Optional)
 C27IE Introductory Economics  C37FF Finance and Financial Reporting

Year 2

Year 2 Year Co-ordinator: Andrea Sneddon




Semester 1 Timetable                                                      Semester 2 Timetable

Semester 1 (Mandatory) Semester 2 (Mandatory)
F18CD Multivariable Calculus & Real Analysis A F18CE Multivariable Calculus & Real Analysis B
F18CF Linear Algebra F78AB Actuarial and Financial Mathematics B
F78AA Actuarial and Financial Mathematics A F78PB Probability and Statistics B
F78PA Probability and Statistics A
  Semester 2 (Optional)
F18NA Numerical Analysis A
C37FF Finance and Financial Reporting *

* Only for Direct Entrants To Stage 2

Year 3

Year 3 Year Co-ordinator: Dr Torsten Kleinow



Semester 1 Timetable                                                              Semester 2 Timetable

8 courses:  8 mandatory

Semester 1 (Mandatory) Semester 2 (Mandatory)
F79MA Statistical Models A F79MB Statistical Models B
F79SP Stochastic Processes F79SU Survival Models
F79PA Portfolio Theory and Asset Models F79DF Derivative Markets and Discrete-time Finance
F70LA Life Insurance Mathematics A F70LB Life Insurance Mathematics B

Year 4

Industrial contact: Dr George Streftaris

2 courses: 2 mandatory 60-credit courses for the Diploma in Industrial Training.

Semester 1 (Mandatory) Semester 2 (Mandatory)
 F78IA Industrial Training Placement A  F78IB Industrial Training Placement B


Year 5

Year 4/5 Year Co-ordinator: John Phillips




Semester 1 Timetable                                                               Semester 2 Timetable

Choose 4 courses each semester

Semester 1 (Optional) Semester 2 (Optional)
F79PS Statistics for Social Science F79BI Bayesian Inference & Computational Methods
F70PE Pensions F70RT Risk Theory
F70CF Continous-Time Finance F70TS Time Series Analysis
F10MM Optimisation F70LP Life Office Practice
C39SM International Bonds and Currency Markets F19MO Ordinary Differential Equations
F79PA Portfolio Theory and Asset Models * C39TA Taxation
F71AB Financial Mathematics * F71AJ Financial Economics 2 *
F20ML Statistical Machine Learning

*Direct Entrants and Exchange students only