MACS Postgraduate Enrolment Information

Important Enrolment Information for students for 2020-21

In order to complete enrolment, you must be registered for a full set of courses which correspond to the required number of credits.

Please note: You will have an opportunity to review your option choices with your Programme Director during induction in September.

To view programme structures and course choices, consult the relevant programme pages:

Please also note the following discipline specific guidance:

Mathematics (F1): Please consult the MSc/Diploma course choices page.

AMS (F7): Please note the online enrolment systems expects you to select 8 courses (120 credits) per year. Some programmes may in practice allow you to take additional credits in order to gain exemptions (please discuss with the PG Programme director – available on each PG Programme Page). Some courses are also worth 7.5 credits and again it may not be possible to select these course in online enrolment. If either of these two scenarios apply to you please contact the MACS School Office for assistance.

Computer Science (F2): Due to the variation of previous study and/or work experience, some optional course may be more suitable than others. If you have any questions regarding which options to select, please consult the relevant programme directors (available on each listed PG Programme Page). If you require any further support please contact the MACS School Office