F21GC Games Production Practice and Playtesting Evaluation

Course co-ordinator(s): Dr Stefano Padilla (Edinburgh).


The main aims of this course are to develop professional production practice in games development and studio experience in playtesting stages of games production. Students will also acquire critical awareness and understanding of fundamental principles in games development; they will also be able to identify and use industrial development technologies and tools for game production; and finally, apply this knowledge in production phase including resolving development problems and iteratively develop a game in a studio environment.

Detailed Information

Pre-requisites: none.

Location: Edinburgh.

Semester: 2.


• Research and exploration of game development fundamentals.
• Evaluation of software platforms and middleware tools.
• Creation of digital game prototypes.
• Playtesting digital game prototypes.
• Research into iterative game development and production.
• Evaluation of game prototypes and feedback gathering session.
• Research into the critical evaluation of game prototypes.
• Critical understanding of iterative prototype tools and methods.
• Refine skills into prototype development and production of helper tools.
• Communication of prototypes advantages and iterative improvement the game product.
• Studio work creating iterative games prototypes for evaluation.
• Research and evaluation of complementary tools, environments, good practices and applications.
• Course summary, reflections and review.

Learning Outcomes: Subject Mastery

• A detailed understanding and integrated knowledge of technologies used in the production phase in games development.
• Ability to understand, demonstrate and critically evaluate development tools and recommended software middleware.
• Demonstrate applied knowledge in the development, production and debugging of interactive games.
• Demonstrate critical awareness and understanding of various iterative playtesting methods to evaluate production games.
• Extensive knowledge of different production algorithms and techniques used in the process of creating interactive games.
• Research and exploration of various software development platforms for games production.
• Enquiry and critical evaluation of industry production platforms for game creation.
• A detailed understanding and research of game algorithms and middleware tools to facilitate the process of developing games.
• Feedback analysis through prototyping of ideas focusing on exploration, research and critique of opinions.
• Critical enquiry of playtesting sessions and an understanding of the contribution to the iterative process of developing an interactive game.

Learning Outcomes: Personal Abilities

• Rational identification and evaluation of general mechanics and algorithms.
• Develop a range of methods, good practice and custom tools to enhance development and production processes.
• Demonstrate collaboration in a studio environment as well as demonstrating individual professionalism.
• Skills to interface and demonstrate professionalism in user sessions exploring and gathering feedback from prototypes.
• Ability to express, communicate and evaluate prototypes.
• Critical understanding and practical skills in common tools used in production processes.

SCQF Level: 11.

Credits: 30.