MSc Artificial Intelligence (2 Years – January Intake) NO LONGER OFFERED

Programme Director:
Alistair McConnell (Edinburgh)

Programme Code: F2Z4-TAI

This programme is available in  Edinburgh.

Programme Structure

Year 1

January Semester (Mandatory)May Semester (Mandatory)
F20SF Software Engineering FoundationsF21AS Advanced Software Engineering
January Semester (Optional – choose 3)F29AI Artificial Intelligence and Intelligent Agents
F21DF Database and Information SystemsMay Semester (Optional – choose 2)
F29OC Operating Systems and ConcurrencyF20DG Design and Code Group Project 
F27CS Introduction to Computer SystemsF20IM Information Technology Master Class
F17SC Discrete Mathematics
C11PA Project Management

Progression to stage 2 depends on passing 8 courses at grade D or better with an 8 course average of 50%.

Year 2

September Semester (Mandatory)January Semester (Mandatory)
F21BC Biologically Inspired ComputationF21RP Research Methods and Project Planning
F21DL Data Mining and Machine Learning 
September Semester (Optional – choose 2)   January Semester (Optional – choose 3)
F21GA 3D Graphics and Animation F21BD Big Data Management
F21HR Human Robot Interaction F21CA Conversational Agents and Spoken Language Processing
F21NL Introduction to Natural Language ProcessingF21DV Data Visualisation and Analytics
F21RO Intelligent RoboticsF21EC e-Commerce Technology
F21SC Industrial ProgrammingF21GP Computer Games Programming
C11SL Systems Thinking and Analysis

May Semester: F21MP Masters Project and Dissertation