BEng Robotics

This programme is only available through our joint education learning partner, Ocean’s University China.

Ben Kenwright

Programme Director: Dr Ben Kenwright

Programme Code: F2R8-ROB

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Accreditation from The Chartered Institue for IT (BCS) and the Institute of Engineering & Technology (IET) will be sought.

Year 1

Year Co-ordinator:
Dr Rob Stewart /
DrJeevani Goonetillake  (Edinburgh)

Dr Rob Stewart
Semester 1Semester 2
F27SA Software Development 1F27SB Software Development 2
F17XO Mathematics 1 (Ocean U)F17XP Mathematics 2 (Ocean U)
B37EE Introduction to Electrical and Electronic EngineeringB37XO Electronics and Circuits (Ocean U)
B37VA Praxis Electronic DesignB37XP Digital Logic (Ocean U)

Year 2

Year Co-ordinator:
Dr Phil Bartie (Edinburgh)

Dr Phil Bartie
Semester 1Semester 2
F28SG Introduction to Data Structures & AlgorithmsF28XO Data Structures and Algorithms (Ocean U)
F28XP Robotics Group Project 1 (Ocean U)F28XQ Robotics Group Project 2 (Ocean U)
F17SO Discrete Mathematics (Ocean U)B38RO Introduction to Robotics
F18XR Mathematics 3 (Ocean U)F18XS Mathematics 4 (Ocean U)

Year 3

Year Co-ordinator:
Dr Theo Georgiou (Edinburgh)

DR Theo Georgiou
Semester 1Semester 2
F29XR Integrated Group Robotics Project 1(Ocean U)F29XS Integrated Group Robotics Project 2 (Ocean U)
F29XQ Education of Creation and Innovation (Ocean U)F29XP Artificial Intelligence (Ocean U)
F29XO Computer Networks (Ocean U)F28HS Hardware-Software Interface
B39XO Signals and Systems (Ocean U)B39SB Time Frequency and Signal Analysis

Year 4

Year Co-ordinators:
Professor Albert Burger (Edinburgh) / Dr Jessica Chen-Burger (Edinburgh)

Jessica Chen-Burger
Albert Burger
Semester 1 (Mandatory)Semester 2
B31YS Robotics Systems Science
F20RO Intelligent Robotics
(Optional – Choose 2) Optional (Choose 4)
F20BC Biologically Inspired ComputationF21AS Advanced Software Engineering
F21HR Human Robot InteractionB31SE Image Processing
F20DL Data Mining & Machine LearningB31DG Embedded Software
B31DD Embedded SystemsF20PB Project: Design & Implementation
B30EJ Linear ControlF20PC Project: Testing & Implementation
F20PA Research Methods & Requirements EngineeringB30UC 4th Year Project II
B30UB 4th Year Project 1