F11AL Applied Linear Algebra

Dr Sebastien Loisel

Course co-ordinator(s): Dr Sebastien Loisel (Edinburgh).


This module aims to provide a toolkit of modern techniques in applied linear algebra, which is at the heart of many scientific and technical calculations. As well as introducing algorithms, it aims to provide ways to evaluate their accuracy and efficiency, particularly where the data used are noisy. It will consist of a combination of background theory, practical applications (using Matlab) and case studies. Some previous exposure to mathematics (particularly linear algebra) and scientific programming will be useful, although we shall review the concepts required.

Detailed Information

Pre-requisites: An Honours Degree in Mathematics or related discipline..

Location: Edinburgh.

Semester: 2.

Further information: Syllabus, Number of lectures, Assessment, Learning Outcomes.

SCQF Level: 11.

Credits: 15.