F18GW Mathematics Workshop

Dr Michela Ottobre

Course co-ordinator(s): Dr Michela Ottobre (Edinburgh).


The main focus of the course is on independent learning. The course will help the students to

• Develop analytical skills 

• Deepen and broaden their knowledge of linear algebra and analysis (in particular, the course will build on the content of Linear Algebra (F18CF) and Calculus B (F17CB)

• Apply the acquired mathematical tools to real life problems 

• Improve their communication skills, with emphasis on communicating mathematical ideas with a significant technical content

• Work both individually and in a group 

• Understand and construct rigorous mathematical arguments 

Detailed Information

Pre-requisite course(s): F17CC Introduction to University Mathematics & F17CB Calculus B .

Location: Edinburgh.

Semester: 2.

Further information: Syllabus, Number of lectures, Assessment, Learning Outcomes.

SCQF Level: 8.

Credits: 15.