MSc Applied Mathematical Sciences (2 Years)

Mariya Ptashnyk

Programme Director:  Dr Mariya Ptashnyk

Programme Code: F1MS-TAM

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Year 1

Semester 1 Timetable                    Semester 2 Timetable

Programme Structure

Semester 1 (Mandatory) Semester 2 (Mandatory)
C69RP Research Preparation in English (1) C69RQ Research Preparation in English (2)

8 courses (2 mandatory & 6 optional)

Students should also choose 3 optional courses each semester from level 8 or 9 Maths (F1) or Statistics (F7) subjects. Guidance is provided to students on selection of courses and course choice must be approved by the Programme Director.

F1 Courses F7 Courses

Year 2

Semester 1 Timetable                                         Semester 2 Timetable

Programme Structure

Semester 1 (Mandatory)Semester 2 (Mandatory)
F11MM Optimisation
F11MT Modelling and Tools
Semester 1 (Optional – Choose 2) Semester 2 (Optional – Choose 4)
F11AE Applied Mathematics E
F11AN Mathematical Biology and Medicine
F11AM Mathematical Ecology F11DA Data Assimilation
F11FM Functional Analysis F11MP Partial Differential Equations
F11MS Modelling and Simulation in the Life Sciences F11ND  Numerical Analysis of PDEs
F11NC Numerical ODEs F11SS Stochastic Simulation
F21ML Statistical Machine LearningF79BI Bayesian Inference and Computational methods
F71SM Statistical Methods

Semester 3:
F11GM MSc Dissertation

8 courses (2 mandatory & 6 optional) plus project/ dissertation for MSc

Awards, Credits & Level
180 SCQF credits for MSc; incl at least 150 credits at Level 11
120 SCQF credits for PG Dip; incl at least 90 credits at Level 11
60 SCQF credits for PG Cert; incl at least 40 credits at Level 11