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PhD Seminar Series – every Friday, CM T.01

Organised by MACS PhD students, for PhD students, this informal seminar series runs every Friday at 4pm. Each week one student presents their work to fellow PhD students.

Friday 3rd February – Lukas M├╝ller

Title: The Drinfeld center as an example of categorification

Abstract: Categorification is the non canonical process of “promoting” a set theoretic concept to a categorical concept. Often categorification leads to a better understanding of the underlying set theoretical concept and interesting┬á new mathematical structures. In my talk I will discus the Drinfeld center of a monoidal category as categorification of the center of a monoid.

To show that categorification is more then general abstract non sense, we will use the Drinfeld center to produce in a systematic way solutions of the Yang-Bexter-equation. The Yang-Bexter-equation plays a central role in the theory of quantum integrable systems. The Drinfeld center has also applications in the theory of knot invariants and Hopf-algebras which I will ignore in my talk.

The talk will be mostly informal with a focus on the underlying ideas. Depending on the audience I will start with a short introduction to category theory.

Event run by MACS PhD student, Calum Ross

Tea-time – every Thursday

Every Thursday at 3.30pm staff and PGR students are invited to take a break, get together and enjoy tea & biscuits (or coffee if you prefer!) in the common room.

Event run by MACS PhD students.

MACS_2015_wordleMACS Christimas conference

The annual MACS conference encourages the development of interdepartmental relationships by providing an opportunity for staff and PhD students from Actuarial Maths and Statistics, Computer Science and Maths to get together for an afternoon of talks by members of all three departments. Each department will have two speakers; one staff member and one PhD student, with talks lasting around 25 minutes. The talks are followed by refreshments.

Event run by MACS, PhD student reps

Poster session

More details to follow

Event run by MACS, PhD student reps
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