Training & Development

Firstly, you should discuss any training and development needs and interests with your supervisor(s) to ensure suitability. Below are recommended sources for your development.

The Centre for Academic Leadership & Development (ALD)

Supports and facilitates research and teaching excellence by the academic community; specifically for PhD students they run

Research Futures student workshops

Skills development programme for postgraduate research students


HEA accredited programme for new tutors, teaching assistants or lab demonstrators

Postgraduate research conference

An annual showcase of postgraduate research across the University


The Scottish Mathematical Sciences Training Centre (SMSTC)

Their prime aim is to provide high-quality broad training in fundamental areas of mathematics and statistics for beginning PhD students at a level comparable to that of first-year PhD courses in North America or mainland Europe.  Teaching is by video-conference lectures in two semesters, running from October to March.

You will find their timetable and further information on their website



This international programme is dedicated to the development of world-class, professional careers of researchers. Heriot-Watt University is a member and you can find out full details of what they offer on their website. Register for free using your HWU email address.



Each PGR student is required to maintain a personal webpage containing, at least, the following information:

  • Contact details (including office room number, phone number and email address)
  • Supervisor details
  • Research Area
  • Publications
  • Presentations

Training will be provided within the School if necessary, please contact your relevant PGR co-ordinator to arrange.


Assisting with teaching activities

Assisting in tutorials or labs and marking give key transferable skills useful both for jobs in academia and industry. It is a valuable opportunity which is flexible and paid. Although it is optional it should be considered as part of the overall PhD generic training. You will be required to carry out duties such as answering student questions, helping with computer labs and marking mid-term tests. If you would like to know more please take a look at the guidance document and the related code of conduct for either Computer Science or Mathematical Sciences.


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