Texture 2005
The 4th international workshop on texture analysis and synthesis

  21 October  2005, in conjunction with ICCV2005


The last few years have talks: witnessed a dramatic explosion in the level of interest into techniques for the capture, analysis, manipulation and visualisation of “textures”.

This multidisciplinary research and development comes from a wide range of communities, including: Computer Vision, Computer Graphics, Image Processing, Statistics, Pattern Recognition, Vision Science, and Remote Sensing.

The primary objective of this workshop therefore, is to bring together this diverse range of researchers and developers in a single event - to discuss and exchange ideas on the latest advances in “texture” research and applications.



Texture 2005 is now finished and we would like to very much thank all of the authors and reviewers for their time and hard work on our behalf.


Programme & Proceedings

Printable proceedings (single PDF file)

Full Programme, incl. separate PDFs of papers available.

Technical Scope

Papers were invited but not limited to the following topics:


  • Surface texture modelling (including BRDF), capture, coding, synthesis, editing, generation, and real-time rendering
  • Cognitive aspects (perceptual texture dimensions, psychophysical experiments, and perceptually meaningful retrieval functions)
  • Texture classification, segmentation, defect detection, and image retrieval, classifier & feature design
  • Illumination and viewpoint effects and invariants
  • Shape from texture, viewpoint effects and invariants;
  • Colour, hyper-spectral and multi-band texture features and issues
  • Volumetric texture features, and visualisation

Interesting and new application areas:

  • Augmented/virtual reality
  • Interactive entertainment and e-commerce
  • Film and video post production
  • Textiles, virtual catalogues, garment design etc.
  • Medical
  • Remote sensing
  • Industrial inspection
  • Robotics


Mike Chantler
Jan Koenderink
Maria Petrou
Harry Shum
Luc Van Gool

Programme Committee

Hans Burkhardt, Freiburg, Germany
Andrew Calway, Bristol, UK
Antonio Criminisi, Microsoft, Cambridge, UK
Dmitry Chetverikov, Budapest, Hungary
Kristin Dana, Rutgers University, USA
Junyu Dong, Ocean University of China
Ondrej Drbohlav, Heriot-Watt, Edinburgh, Scotland
Jan-Mark Geusebroek, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Georgy Gimelfarb, Auckland, New Zealand.
Michal Haindl, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic
Edwin Hancock, York, UK
Eric Hayman, KTH Stockholm
Jan Koenderink, Helmholtz Institute, Utrecht
Yanxi Liu, CMU, USA
Ged McGunnigle,
CTR, Austria
Tom Malzbender, HP Labs, USA
Majid Mirmehdi, Bristol, UK
Maria Petrou, Surrey, UK
Matti Pietikäinen, Oulu, Finland
Sylvia Pont, Utrecht, Netherlands
Harry Shum, Microsoft Research, China
Luc Van Gool, ETH Zurich, Switzerland & K.U. Leuven, Belgium
Manik Varma, MSRI Berkeley
Ying Nian Wu, UCLA, USA
Yizhou Yu, Illinois, USA
Alexey Zalesny, ETH Zurich, Switzerland
Song Chun Zhu, UCLA, USA
Andrew Zisserman, Oxford, UK

Further information

For further information contact Mike Chantler texture lab on +44 131 451 3328 or M.J.Chantler@hw.ac.uk



Special issue of IJCV on on Texture Analysis and Synthesis (This consists mainly of a selection of extended Texture2002 papers)

Texture 99, Oulu, Finland
Texture 2002, Copenhagen, Denmark
Texture 2003, Nice, France